Miniatures & Toys
Stockton, California

Ann & Katherine Kennedy

Stockton, CA 95251

Phone: 209-368-9069

E-Mail: ann@clarionpoodles.com

Web Site: www.clarionpoodles.com

Clarion has been breeding and showing Poodles since 1963. Although we breed for the show ring, the most important part of our breeding program is to have well-adjusted, long-lived, athletic "family members". In addition our Poodles demonstrate intelligence and an enthusiastic love of life.

We have never had a kennel and do not wish to have one. We believe that Poodles are social beings who thrive on human interaction, so our group is and have always been "underfoot" in our home.

Their life at Clarion consists of romps with us and each other on our acreage, hanging out on couches, bowl beds, favorite "caves" under a computer desk, a dresser, or a dinner table and greeting the guests who come and go. Their food is based on natural ingredients with special diets for any elder citizens, pregnant girls, nursing mothers or growing babies.

We are located one half hour south of Sacramento nestled into an area surrounded by small, family-owned wineries.

Health Screening: We do the Optigen blood test for the prcd PRA and we have ophthalmic exams to insure against any other eye defects. Also, we do hip X-rays with OFA Ratings. In addition, we do the dna test for the dwarf gene in miniatures. The other miniature and toy genetic problems do not have tests. So, we guarantee our poodles for their lifetime to insure that if something goes wrong, we will be told.

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