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The purpose of this website
is to promote the conscientious breeder/exhibitor.

If your breeding program is based primarily on producing poodles for the AKC or CKC show or performance ring and you practice health screening of all breeding stock, you are invited to apply for membership on PoodleBreeders.com.

All prospective advertisers, please note: Only advertisements for coat colors described in the AKC breed standard as desirable will be considered. Advertisements for parti colored poodles will not be accepted.

Advertising guidelines for posting conformation titles: Unless identified otherwise, all Championship titles are assumed to be American Kennel Club (AKC) or Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) titles. If your dog has a title awarded by a registry other than AKC or CKC all advertising must reflect this.

The advertiser is solely responsible for providing accurate information for their advertisements. The webmaster may require an advertiser to clarify, change, or document any statement.

Advertisers will be listed in alphabetical order by the kennel name used in their dog registrations.

PoodleBreeders.com reserves the right to reject any application or renewal without explanation. PoodleBreeders.com reserves the right to remove from the website any paid advertisement or any link at any time without explanation and provide a pro-rated refund of annual advertisement fee.

At the end of the Advertiser's term of advertising PoodleBreeders.com does not "Auto Renew" or "Auto Bill" the Advertiser's account. Neither Advertiser nor PoodleBreeders.com have an obligation to continue future advertising.

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