Chudan Toy Poodles
AKC Breeder of Merit

Chuck Metzger & Dan Kaufman

Wabash, Indiana

Phone: (260) 568-1559

E-Mail: chudanpoodles@comcast.net

Web Site: https://www.Facebook.com/chudan.poodles

We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Chuck Metzger and Dan Kaufman of ChuDan Poodles. Parts of our first names were used to create our show name. Special thanks go to Lynn DeRosa, as it was her clever idea! It all started several years ago with a brown female toy poodle named Bambi. That led us to a long time friend, Ellen Adkins, who encouraged us to go to a dog show. From there, we met some wonderful friends (J Ray Johnson, David Anderson, Johanna Moreland, Kevin Stahl, Todd Patterson, Jerry Edwards, Richard Sedlack, Lynn DeRosa, Peg Collet, Sheila Hobson, Pat McMullen, Jane Winne, Betty Yerington, Ed Sweet, Carolyn Brown, Sharon Calbrecht, Jim Gerarge, Connie Hutchins, Louise Greer, David Owens and Alan Phillips, to name a few!) From that time forward, we have learned a lot about breeding and showing poodles. We feel very fortunate to have met several interesting individuals as well as several top breeders in the country. Many of them have turned into long time friendships and we are very thankful for each and every one of them!

The love for this breed and our strong dedication, encourages us in breeding quality poodles that will hopefully produce better than their parents. We strongly believe in genetically testing of our breeding stock periodically, to ensure that we are raising quality poodles. With the addition of DNA testing capabilities, we often use that as another tool to use. We are members of the Poodle Club of Central Indiana. We are active and have held various office and board positions with the Poodle Club of Central Indiana. We have finished all three varieties of poodles, bred top producers, and was lucky enough to have bred some Top 10 dogs in America!

Health Screening: PRA - Optigen - Check Swab

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