Starfleet Poodles
AKC Breeder of Merit
Starfleet Poodles
AKC Breeder of Merit
Cheryl Halling

Stewartville, Minnesota

Phone: 507-273-0999


Web Site: starfleetpoodles.com

Since 1978 Starfleet Poodles has produced superior poodles that excel in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking, Hunting, Therapy and loving companion. We feel there is no other breed that compares with the Standard Poodle in intelligence, temperament, and athleticism. We breed only when we feel the cross will improve the breed and produce superior offspring. Our love of the Standard Poodle breed express itself in our dedication to producing only healthy puppies, paying close attention to pedigree and past performance in the breeding parents and monitoring each puppy's performance as they grown. Our Poodles are beloved members of our family. Puppies are born and raised in our home. Our puppies are exposed to many different things while they grow. Our puppies are part of our family, until they become part of yours. With our commitment to producing health puppies true to the AKC standard, we test genetically for Neonatal Encephalopathy, Thyroid, VonWillebrand's, CERF, OFA/Penn-Hip and Sebaceous Adenitis.

Health Screening: Neonatal Encephalopathy, Thyroid vonWillebrand's disease, CERF/EYES, OFA/Penn-Hip, Sebaceous Adenitis

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:

CH Starfleet's Lost In Space

CH Starfleet's Sachas Quazar MX MXJ MJPB MXP PAX

CH Starfleet's Solar Echo MX MXJ

CH Starfleets Warp Drive

CH Starfleets Lightspeed AX MXJ

CH Starfleet's Close Encounter OA OAJ

AKC/UKC CH Starfleet's Hyperspace OA OAJ

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