Munaut Poodles
Munaut Poodles
Erica Muno

Santa Clara, Utah

Phone: 801-389-2559

Email: munaut@gmail.com

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Munaut Poodles are located in beautiful Southern UT nestled in the small historic town of Santa Clara. We are just minutes from St. George, UT and about a 2 hour drive north of Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a small hobby breeder that aims to produce beautiful healthy puppies with correct temperament and structure. We breed to mirror the AKC standard of excellence set forth for the breed. Our dogs are shown and compete for Championship titles in AKC Conformation and Performance events. Occasionally we have puppies available in white, cream, silver, blue, and black.

All of our dogs are health tested before breeding which tests can be verified through OFA or through our own copies. On top of testing we also stay in fine tune with the health of the related dogs in our pedigrees as well as those we choose to bring in. Making well informed and educated breeding decisions lessens the chances of other health problems that cannot be tested for.

We raise our poodles in our home among our family of five which includes our three young children. Our puppies are well socialized daily from day one through a wide variety of new experiences so that they are as "bomb proof" as possible. By the time our puppies leave, they have had a great start on crate and house training, leash training, car rides, and grooming. The pups benefit from their own fancy poodle parlor in our home with all of the same equipment found at a grooming salon. Our puppies are professionally temperament tested at 7 weeks old using the Volhard puppy aptitude test. This gives us a great second opinion and has proven itself an invaluable procedure in the proper home placement of our poodle puppies.

We rear our poodles as naturally as possible to promote good health and strong immune systems. Our dogs are fed a high quality diet consisting of raw meats, bones, kibble, and supplements. We strongly believe in minimal vaccination following Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol. Every puppy we produce is important to us. We like to stay in touch and are always available to those who join our poodle family. Be sure to visit our website for the latest up to date information and to see pictures and videos at  http://www.munautpoodles.com.

Health Screening: OFA Hips, CERF, Thyroid, NE, VWD, DM, SA, Heart

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