Ann Wheeler

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Phone: 918-316-7888

E-Mail: nipigon16@att.net

I absolutely love poodles! They are the most human-like of any dog breed I have encountered. I love their humor, grace, and intelligence. They are so much fun to live with! Because I love this breed so much, I began showing and breeding poodles in 1989. I have enjoyed success with my standard breeding program (1994-2007) and my miniature breeding program (1989-1999, 2006-2017). I love showing my own poodles, including the grooming, travel and training it entails. I have bred a large number of AKC champions in the 28 years I have been involved.

I have always done health testing on my poodles prior to including them in my breeding program. Only those who pass their health tests are allowed to reproduce. I plan my breeding program very carefully, with a specific reason to bring new puppies into the world. I am dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy poodles with good temperaments.

My puppies are born and raised in my kitchen and living room. They have a 1/2 acre to play in. They are sleeping by themselves in crates by 10 weeks. They will come to their new families with multiple groomings, age appropriate vaccinations and wormings. I am a member of the Heart of America Poodle Club and the Poodle Club of America. My love and dedication to this breed is an integral part of my life. I love poodles!

Health Screening: OFA Optigen for PRCD and Osteochondrodysplasia CERF

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed:

Ch. Nipigon Clarion Notorious

Ch. Nipigon Nevada

Ch. Nipigon Novena

Ch. Nipigon Naia

Ch. Clarion Camelot Paradox

Ch. Logos Impress at Nipigon

Ch. By Request Social Scene

Ch. Logos Echo of Nipigon
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