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Finnesse Poodles

Linda Ellen Pietarinen
Hammond, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613-668-2006


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Medium-sized brown poodles from imported European bloodlines for particular people who want character and beauty in a practical package. Our poodles are atypical because their size fits the high-end range of CKC miniatures and the low-end range for the CKC standard variety. The adult size of our upcoming 2022 litter will be 14-18” at the withers, which is the medium size in the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

With three decades of experience, we have a clear vision for the future of our poodles that includes seriously improved health through diversity. We strive for a hearty moderate-sized poodle that fits our modern times. We have owned and shown standards (and a few mini’s) for decades. Standards are where our passion for the breed started. But we know the medium or moyen poodles, have a long history across Europe as a popular recognized official variety.

We bring you the moyen poodle in an era where more people find standards too big and still struggling to find their way out of the untestable health issues caused by the mid-century bottleneck. For some, the miniature variety might be the answer, but for some it’s too big of a down-size from a standard poodle they may have loved. Our poodles could be dubbed the Goldilocks size, being not too big and not too small. Visit our website for more information.

Finnesse offers home raised, CKC registered, microchipped, and health guaranteed puppies occasionally to approved homes. Our environment is as cage-free as possible, following the philosophy of Scandinavian and other European countries who prohibit the use of crates for long periods of time for dogs without a justifiable reason (i.e., medical, transportation). They need and deserve your time, space, and attention! And we expect our poodles to be treated as family.

Our poodles make wonderful companions! Performance partners and show prospects for the serious individual available occasionally.

Health Screening: Breeding stock screening includes but is not limited to hips (PennHip and/or OFA), CERF & PRA-prcd4 for eyes, VGL DNA genetic diversity, vWD, NE, macrocytopenia, and more.

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