Danube Poodles
AKC Breeder of Merit
Danube Poodles
Timea R Bodi

Rock Island, Tennessee

Phone: 410-603-4977

Email: timearbodi@yahoo.com

Web Site: www.danubepoodles.com
I am a small hobby breeder and I don't own a kennel. All my poodles live in my house getting lots of attention, care and exercise. I breed for conformation, agility, obedience rings  and my main focus in the breeding program is to have athletic, intelligent, long lived happy family members. Prior to any puppy purchase, I provide all health certifications and although certifications don’t guarantee an issue won’t arise it certainly provides proactive peace of mind.

Immeasurable care and attention is given to each litter. My poodles are an intricate part of my family and they each get the individualized attention they need to excel in development of their temperaments. It’s important to research and understand the lifelong commitment involved in caring for these precious family members to insure many years of mutual sheared happiness.

I collaborate with my family in Europe who also show and breed poodles. This unique opportunity enables me to contribute to creating a more vast gene pool for the breed. I don’t breed for financial gain but with each generation of puppies, I’m passionately looking for the next champion show dog.

Above all, I breed for the better of the breed, health, and temperament. If you and yours are in search of a family companion that will absolutely warm your hearts and light up your life then the poodle breed is the right choice. I will answer as many questions you need answered to satisfy your queries, concerns, curiosity and share knowledge and provide advice for years to come. Prospective owners will be carefully screened to ensure that your next family addition will be nothing short of the perfect match.

Health Testing: Eyes Optigen and CERF, patellas and Hips.
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