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Cinbren Miniature Poodles

Beva Wahl

Esparto, California

Phone: 530-787-3188

E-Mail: bevawahl@sbcglobal.net

Website: www.CinbrenPoodles.com

Welcome to Cinbren Poodles since 1968.

My name is Beva Wahl and I've had a love of dogs for as long as I can remember! I became attracted to Poodles for their innate intelligence, ease of training and especially for the unique and fun personality of the breed. Poodles provide a constant source of delightful companionship and lively entertainment. In 1964, I began to show a Standard Poodle in AKC obedience events. I then, for the past 40 years, turned my interest to Miniature Poodles. My passion lies in significantly safeguarding the health, temperament and physical characteristics of each generation, striving to perfect the Poodle breed standards set forth by the AKC. The lineage of my Poodles includes Championship and Best in Show titles. I obtain health certifications and provide guarantees.

While I believe each generation should be show quality, selecting one with the most potential for competition, often others are available for placing as loving companions in homes.

You are welcome to contact me regarding the availability of both puppies and young adults. I would be interested in knowing a little something about you, and how your new companion might fit in with your specific lifestyle and family requirements. Poodles are athletic, versatile, loving, forgiving, devoted and intuitive family members. I look forward to introducing you to your Poodle and helping you to find that treasured friend in your life.

Health Screening: OFA, PRA

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