Black Pearl Poodle
Black Pearl Poodle

Lina Kondrateva

San Francisco, California

Phone: 415-640-4987

E-Mail: Lina@blackpearlpoodle.com

Web Site: www.blackpearlpoodle.com

Black Pearl started originally in the Ukraine and now we are located in San Francisco CA, USA.

We are breeding very selectively for quality Poodles. Our goal is to keep the integrity of the breed. We want Champion quality, not quantity, with the temperament to be loving and calm.

Poodles are exceptionally intelligent canines and we want to continue with that. We are specializing in color-bred black and brown only.

We do not have large number of litters because we want to focus on each puppy to the fullest. Our miniature Poodle puppies are raised in our house where they receive a lot of love and attention.

Please note we do not participate in Poodle crossing.

Health Screening: CERF, Patella, Optigen, Hip/Elbow Dysplasia

My Poodles whose test results can be confirmed online:

Jasenak Rock-N-Roll (Jack)

Jasenak Background (Jazz)

BlackPearl Wild Gipcy Rose (Rosa)

BlackPearl Fog City Starlet (Julka)

BlackPearl Golden Gate to Our Destiny (Destiny)

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