Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Our small family of miniature poodles located in Minneapolis/St.-Paul, Minnesota. We are proud members of the Twin Cities Poodle Club and we participate in AKC events.

The goal of our breeding program is to keep the integrity of the breed by breeding quality poodles with great conformation, loving and calm temperaments all along the lines of the AKC standards. We are breeding for quality not quantity.

We are specializing in black and white colors only. All of our dogs are tested for genetic diseases and thus we provide a health guarantee against hereditary defects in puppies we breed. We do not have a large number of litters because we want to focus on each puppy to the fullest. Our miniature poodle puppies are raised with a lot of love and attention.

Health Screening: CHIC certified dogs with tests for CAER (CERF), OFA hips, OFA LCP, Patella luxation; genetic testing for coat color, prcd-PRA and dwarfism (osteochondrodysplasia)

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