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Alekstina Poodles
Natasha Rakulj
Ontario, Canada
Phone: 416-841-6802, Fax: 289-837-0867

Alekstina Poodles

My name is Natasha Rakulj and I am a small, hobby breeder located in Oakville, Canada. At Alekstina Poodles my goal is to improve each and every litter while maintaining my own personal integrity and reputation as a responsible Toy Poodle breeder. I am proud to provide my clients with beautiful, affectionate, playful and enchanting Toy Poodle puppies with health guaranteed and lifetime support. I produce puppies to show for the conformation ring, as well as lovely Toy Poodles for pets. 

When I was first introduced into the world of CKC Shows I knew immediately that was something I wanted to pursue. After a tremendous amount of hard work and research, I am proud to say that all of my poodles used in breeding program are DNA tested for prcd, PRA (or are in the process of being tested) and all are genetically Normal/Clear. In addition to being fully health tested they also obtained their Canadian Championship before they enter the breeding program.  I use careful consideration and selection to achieve maximum health, structure and temperament on my puppies.

You will find that Toy Poodle show breeders are generally the best source for puppies. Show breeders spend a vast amount of time on research striving for those perfect Poodle puppies. We are determined to breed to the Poodle Standard and therefore your best quality Poodle puppy will come from an ethical Poodle show breeder. 

Poodles are my passion and I absolutely adore this breed.  My poodles receive the utmost in care, love and attention.  Poodles are intelligent, loving, cheerful, playful and beautiful. They will be a wonderful addition to your life.  Please feel free to contact me with questions you might have about Poodles.


Health Screening: DNA tested for prcd-PRA

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