Sagey, Brou and I are so pleased and proud that our puppies have found new homes with caring and committed forever families. We love to receive updates on all the puppies and their new families.
Bane with his new sister, Petey. Bane lives in Stockbridge, MI with his new family just a few miles from us. We hope to see a lot of him. Bane doing the puppy flop after a romp with Petey. "Wow, she's small but she's fiesty! I need a nap!"
Zoey lives in Waterford with her new family, Scott and Martha. She hopes to do a lot of boating.
Zoey appears to already have the "poodle" look that says, "Okay, what?"
Winter 2008 - Zoey echoes a collective sentiment from all us Michiganders, "Okay, enough of the snow...when are we getting the warm stuff?"
Bane struts his stuff at a summer festival in Stockbridge.
Remus lives in Canton, MI where he loves to play
with his owner's grandchildren and watch the birds.

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